Login – CVS Employee Benefit Website

CVS, the pharmacies and drug stores chain, has a special Human Resources (HR) website, where its employees can access paycheck information, tax information, benefits information and so on. The website in question is commonly referred to as the MyHR CVS website. Thanks to the said website, people who work for CVS – including CVS Health and CVS MinuteClinic employees — don’t have to keep on visiting the HR offices whenever they wish to get their work-related information. Instead, the employees in question can access their work-related information from pretty much anywhere, with a lot of ease, and at any time through the MyHR CVS portal.

Accessing the CVS HR website

The CVS HR website is set up more or less like any other website: which means that you can access it using a browser application, the way you normally access all other websites. Accessing the MyHR CVS website is just a question of entering its address (URL) into your browser – specifically into the browser’s address bar – and then pressing the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard. The web address/URL we have just made reference to, through which you can access the MyHR CVS portal, is given in the ‘links’ section of this article. You therefore only need to enter that address into the address bar of your browser application, and then hit the ‘enter’ key. Thereafter, as long as your computing device is connected to the Internet, you should be taken straight to the CVS HR website.

Logging into the CVS HR website              

Upon getting to the CVS HR website, you won’t, of course, be able to access your paycheck information or tax information or benefits information straightaway. You will have to log in first, for you to access the information. Logging into the CVS HR website is just a question of entering the user ID and password, keeping in mind the fact that the password is case-sensitive. By entering the correct combination of login details, you prove that you are the owner of the CVS HR website account you are trying to access. You are subsequently given access to the information you need.

Navigating through the CVS HR website

To navigate through the CVS HR website, you will need to make use of the available menus and links. For the most part, the menus and links are self-explanatory and intuitive. Within seconds of logging into your account on the CVS HR website, you will have figured out where to click to access your pay stubs, where to click to access your tax information, where to click to access your benefits information… and so on.

Once you are done using the MyHR CVS portal, don’t forget to log out.